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Mobile storage systems or units are generally used in offices, hospitals, libraries, museums and so on. These systems save space effectively, eliminating the need for several access aisles. Mobile shelving systems are motorised and mounted on wheels or rollers.

These motorised mobile shelving systems allow maximum utilisation of the area available and allow 100% access to the pallets.

There are various types of mobile racking systems which include conventional racking, drive-in racking, cantilever racking and push-back racking. These can be categorised into three types of systems.

Electrically powered systems – The electrically powered systems are operated with the help of push buttons. When the buttons are pushed then the gears are power up automatically, driving the chains and wheels along tracks fixed to the floors. This whole procedure requires very little time and effort from the operator.

Mechanically operated systems – These systems run on multi-ratio geared hand wheels that are mounted at the end of shelving. These hand wheels are used to turn the wheels and chains which are situated at the base. These systems are commonly used in organisations in order to move large loads.
Manually operated systems – These systems feature push and pull handles which help to move the mobile bases along mounted tracks.

Mobile shelving systems are mainly used to store sacks, drums, crates and pallet loads. They are also ideal for storing sensitive or expensive items because the shelving can be closed up and locked to restrict access.