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At present, most companies probably face storage problems, due to a lack of space. In such situations, mobile shelving systems play an important role, providing storage space that is outside the office. These systems are suitable for both general storage and filing. They offer flexibility and effective storage solution which helps to maximise the storage capacity of the company’s limited space.

How do they maximise the storage space?
Mobile storage systems do not use aisles in the same way as filing cabinets. This means that they make a better use of the floor space which is available. Mobile storage systems are available in various types such as mechanically assisted ones (perfect for small offices) and electrically operated ones (mostly used in larger organisations).
They come with inbuilt security features to ensure that the files or other items kept inside are safe and remain confidential.

How mobile storage systems help a library?

Libraries always require a storage solution for storing their books, as they get more and more books each week. Mobile storage systems are a great way to help in optimising the space of the library. These systems are also known as high density storage systems because of the amount of books you can keep in a relatively small space