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There were times when storing a large amount of important items or documents was a major problem for many business. Times have changed though, and due to the introduction of mobile storage systems storing important and valuable assets is now easy and affordable.

Mobile storage units are compact in size with unique features to suit your diverse needs. There are several features of mobile storage systems that can help you make the important decision of investing in them.


These systems are built using heavy duty steel as they have to be tough. They are created with heavy duty steel, with makes for strong roofs and edges.

Effective security systems

These mobile storage units have more than just the basic lock and key systems. There are secure lock boxes, heavy duty steel locking arms along with the alarm and video options for the security and protection of items.

Custom designs

These mobile storage units come in various sizes depending on the individual needs of organisations. The standard sizes come in 10, 20 or 40 feet. They can also be custom made to satisfy larger requirements.

Make optimum use of limited space using mobile storage systems.