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MonoTrak is another valuable accessory which can be of great use in offices just like the File Station. MonoTrak can store a large number of items and also keep the files in such a way that they can be retrieved and viewed easily.

The different features of MonoTrak are:

•    It works on a single track fixed on the existing floor without any major damage to the floor; installation is done without any big and expensive work.

•    It moves on a series of specifically created polyurethane tyres which move smoothly on any smooth and flat surface.

•    It does not have any tripping problems as the tracks are fixed on the surface.

•    Its installation is very simple and hence it can be installed by anyone and anywhere.

•    It does not require any artificial floors for its installation

•    It does not require any floor covering.

With a MonoTrak system, moving all your office goods and items is simple. It is easy to maintain and does not take up much of your valuable office space. The Mono Trak system makes everything easily accessible.