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No, don’t worry, we are not moonlighting as a removals service.  But if you are moving offices soon then we can help.

At Rackline we are experts in storage solutions.  No secret there.  And, if you are planning an office move we can help you get all your storage set up in time.  When moving offices there is a lot to think about, removal vans, packing, sorting staff, the list is endless.  However, one thing that is often forgotten about is the furniture and storage at the other end.

Your new offices are a chance for a fresh start, better organisation, increased productivity even.  So, we feel that fresh, new storage solutions can help.

A solution to a problem

We offer a fantastic range of office storage solutions that can be adapted to your new surroundings.  Take our filestation for example.  Once you know where your desk space is going you can neatly fit the filestations behind for extra storage.  And they are in reach of your staff who will be accessing files on a daily basis.

Perhaps you need lockers?  If so, we have a range of lockers that are ideal for storing personal items.  Maybe your new offices have a gym?  In which case you will most certainly need lockers.

And then there is our proform shelving.  Perfect for a reception area or an open plan office.   Much like bookcases, they are open, showing off the contents of the shelf.  Easy to access and can make a great place to display a vase of flowers on top or even those framed awards you want to show off.

Why not contact us today at Rackline to see how we can help you create the perfect office space for your new place?