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The space of the room primarily determines the type of storage system that it can accommodate. If the room is compact in size, it cannot be burdened with space consuming storage systems. Similarly, if the room is large, its appearance can be ruined with a minimal storage system.

The storage system for an office should be simple and practical. This helps the office to function in a systematic and structured manner. Offices need to store plenty of important records, files, and documents that require adequate storage space. The planning and design of an office storage system should focus upon efficiency and the sensible utilisation of the available space.

For industrial storage, the storage system should be well-built in order to accommodate heavy items that require dense storage. Archive storage is common for industries that need to preserve records and details for future purposes. The quality of storage systems used for archive storage or industrial storage should be high, as it needs to hold items that are either high density and/or valuable.

Mounting of a storage system on the wall can leave extra space on the floor, helping to accommodate other storage systems. Storage system installation should be done under the supervision of experts. Storage systems help organisations to survive in clean and hassle-free environments.