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Multitrak storage system from Rackline Limited, the Storage Solutions Company uses the same principle as our popular product, the Monotrak. The only difference is that it has numerous torque tubes and wheels to have long bases and hold more items.

It has an infill floor to avoid any trip problems. Powerful guidance and drive system ensures that the carriage remains perfectly aligned on tracks.

Multitrak can store items up to 15m long and can hold the weight of about 20 tonnes in every carriage and still can move easily without any problem.

The powerful drive system and perfect guidance ensures the system will remain aligned throughout its life.

Multitrak will give you the following additional benefits:

•    The track system is fixed in such a way that it has the capacity to hold the exact amount as specified in the product.

•    In assembling Multitrak, pre-existing shelving can be used again.

•    Assembling includes all welded construction which is fixed and permanent.

•    MultiTrak is a structure which does not require much maintenance.

•    It has a special chain drive track wheeling system; this makes sure that there is no slippage of wheels.

MultiTrak is the convenient option for large and easy storage without damaging the interiors of the office.