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Museum storage units provide storage space for the museum’s objects, archival items and specimens. Museum storage units are designed to provide maximum protection to the collections of the museum.

Museum storage units aid with proper storage of the precious items in the museum. Museum storage units protect and preserve the museum’s collection in the most effective and efficient way. Museum storage system is a well planned and organized storage system that reduces the risk to the objects. Here are some features that a good museum storage system should have:

• Good handling care
• It should provide security against fire
• Museum storage should have appropriate environmental conditions

Museum storage units provide a buffer between the object and its immediate environment. Museum storage system not only increases the level of preservation but also helps in organizing the collection in the best possible way.

Preserving the museum objects in storage units involves evaluation of the total museum storage system. Museum storage units act as a shielding envelope that protects the collection. Museum storage units are made differently as museum collection requires special storage conditions.

A museum’s collection requires safe and secure storage space. Museum storage units are manufactured keeping in mind all these factors. The space you select for the museum storage unit must accommodate reasonable growth of the collection in the future. Museum storage units organise the space to allow proper use of curatorial equipments.