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National Stationery Week 2019 will be celebrated on 29th April – 5th May. This awareness week appreciates traditional writing, with a pen and paper, and all that is great about stationery.

At Rackline we find nothing more satisfying than neatly organised stationery, in well-equipped offices. Therefore, this National Stationery Week we thought we would share some inspiration on how to organise your office stationery.

office stationery storage

Robotic Wall

Our Robotic Wall is an innovative system, providing movable storage with concealed shelves and drawers. LED lighting, acoustic sealing, glass panels and wipeable sliding doors provide a clean and professional aesthetic. Featuring a remote control panel, this high tech storage solution is ideal for office, event and presentation spaces.

Smart Wall Storage

For a simplistic design, providing high density storage and a clean aesthetic, we have Smart Wall Storage. These double sided sealed units have pull out doors to reveal lots of storage space. They also eliminate the need for extensive site work, by being fitted flat to the floor with no trip hazards.

Shelving Accessories

You can easily tailor our storage solutions with shelving accessories, to efficiently organise your stationery. Dividers are available to section your storage into categories for seamless organisation. Pull-out reference shelves and filing cradles provide easy access to all kinds of files.

You can also accessorise our units to fit into the theme of your office. End panels are available with graphics, glass or laminate finishes for your preference. Graphics End Panels are a great idea for businesses looking to promote their branding to visiting clients and create a more creative space for employees.

Organisation with Fileline

Fileline has been a division of Rackline for more than 15 years. Fileline aims to complement Rackline storage solutions for all of our customers, covering file supplies, file conversions and moves.

To keep shared office documents neatly organised for easy navigation, Fileline is available for Colour Coded File Labelling. The value of this service can be found when time spent looking for files is significantly reduced.

Getting Organised this National Stationary Week

At Rackline our innovative storage solutions are ideal for busy work environments and businesses that are looking to get organised with their stationery storage.

Our storage units allow offices to easily organise, store and locate files and equipment with minimal effort. Because storing items efficiently reduces the risk of damaged and lost property.

For more information on our storage solutions please get in touch on 01782 770 144 or click here to download our overview brochure.