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Here at Rackline we are always looking for new and improved storage solutions.  So, when we have exciting new products we always want to share them with you.

Profine locker

Our new Profine locker is a sleek looking locker storage.  It combines style with effective usability.  Ideal for use in offices, warehouses, schools and anywhere where valuable items may need to be stored, the Profine locker is the perfect storage solution.

Filestation lock

As well as developing new products we also work on enhancements and improvements to current products. Our Filestation was the winner of the FX award for Workspace Systems Furniture and is uniquely designed.  It has been designed with the modern office in mind to enable it is sleek and functional.

Cutting retrieval time by 40% means that it is cost effective too.  The new feature of the Filestation is the lock. As you can see from the video it means that once the storage has been pushed together it can be locked for safety and security.

Our videos work to demonstrate our products and to show you how they are used in a working environment.

Office storage solutions are essential for space management and productivity in any office environment. Having the right storage solutions means that documents and work-related material can be accessed with ease.

If you want to find out more about these products, or any of the others in our range, then please contact us. You can also get in touch via our Twitter and Facebook pages.