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What better way to start your New Year than with new storage? Here at Rackline we are quite an organised bunch. You can probably tell from all our blogs on ‘clearing out your office’ and ‘top tips for spring cleaning’. We like to see things orderly as we truly believe that life is much easier and simpler when things are easy to find.

So, on that note we feel that with the arrival of 2013 should come new storage solutions. Our great range of products will help you get more organised and encourage productivity. Whether you are a library, office, university, or any other institution for that matter, storage solutions are essential.

If your storage solutions are a bit worn and torn, or are in need or a revamp then maybe it is time you gave us a call?

We can create bespoke storage solutions just for you. Whether you need a new media library archive, filestations with extra security or mobile shelving designed to adapt to your office, we have the products for you.

Think about the needs of your work environment. If your staff are having to carefully take things off shelves so as not to disrupt other documents, are having to climb over things to get to what they need, or to head to an off-site location, then maybe it is time you spoke to us?

Take a look at our product page and look at the range of products we provide. Secondly, have a read of our case study section to find out more about the types of clients we have worked for and how we have helped them.

Think it is time to give us a call? We look forward to helping you in 2013. Happy New Year.