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Office lockers allow employees to have a personal space in the office. There are many offices that have a shared work space and hence do not allow employees to have much privacy. Office lockers are used to overcome such problems.

Office lockers are mainly used to store valuable or private data, files, papers etc. Office lockers are similar to storage lockers and are available in different sizes, shapes and materials. A single tier office locker has a built in combination lock and is available in different heights and widths. They also come with an individual padlock.

All the features of a double tier locker are same as a single tier locker. However, double tier office lockers are mounted on top of each other and are shorter than the single tier office lockers. Box style office lockers also commonly used in offices for personal storage space. They are made of wood, plastic or steel. Some lockers are specially designed for an industrial purpose while others are furniture grade designed specially for the office space.

Make sure that you check the specifications of the locker before buying it. The locker you buy should suit your office purpose effectively. You can also use your office locker as an office mail box. It is advisable that you get a locker system for your business so that you can store and manage your valuables in a better way.