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There are four elements that have to be considered while planning, designing and building a new office. These four elements include storage, lighting, wall colour and other organisational needs of the office. These elements are important as they create the workflow which directly impacts the productivity of your office.

Storage systems play a very important role in an office. They help you to organise files and documents in an efficient way. They enable easy tracking of important office records.

If you are planning to buy a filing cabinet for your office, make sure that –

•    Your file cabinet has a good amount of storage capacity and it can accommodate both legal and letter size papers
•    The file cabinet should be durable and fire resistant to store important documents, with a secure locking arrangement
•    The filing cabinet does not tip over. Some file cabinets have a safety device which prevents the cabinet from tipping if several drawers are opened simultaneously

You should always store items that are frequently used in an area which is easily accessible. It helps to keep a track on what is accomplished each day. The files that you use frequently should be placed near you, in an office storage system. This is why having a good office storage system is so important. Without a proper office storage system in place, your workplace can be disorganised, presenting an unprofessional image and potentially losing important items.