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Mobile racking systems are essentially storage systems or units that are used in warehouses, showrooms, libraries and many environments. These systems are usually mounted on rollers or wheels, and can also be motorised. Motorised mobile racking systems are great for utilising space.

These racking systems can move on rails which are fixed into the floor, with the help of electrically powered bases. Different types of items- including sacks, drums, crates and pallet loads can be stored in a mobile racking system.

The different types of mobile racking systems include:

• Cantilever racking
• Conventional racking
• Push back racking
• Drive in racking

Operating systems for mobile racking

Electrically powered bases function with the push of a button. This button is mounted at the end of each run. It powers the high ratio gear which runs the chains and wheels in the mobile base.

Multi-ratio geared hand wheels are used to operate mechanically powered bases. These are mounted at the end of every run of shelving and turn the chains and wheels in the mobile base. This makes moving large loads extremely easy.

Manually handled systems use push and pull handles to move the mobile base.

Mobile racking systems are very cost effective and can help you to improve your storage capacity without the need for any major expenditure.