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Filing and shelving may not be that interesting and frankly quite boring for most of us. But it is a very essential component of your office and can help increase the level of productivity and performance of your company. Shelving helps you to be systematic and organised with all your paperwork. This in turn saves valuable time that may go into searching for past records and files.

Importance of filing and shelving
Filing is not only a big time saver but also keeps things in an organised manner that would come to your aid when in need of a particular document or file. Places such as hospitals, clinics, government offices, law firms, libraries and many other offices, produce tons and tons of paperwork on a daily basis. This paperwork cannot be just discarded or kept in a haphazard manner. This paperwork may be in the form of files, records and documents which need to be saved in order for future reference. Take for example even a normal company that may be into distribution for example, it needs to save documents such as bills and contracts.

Archive shelving
If there is no filing system, documents and files may be misplaced and would prove to be very difficult to find in such a mess. At this time a system such as archive shelving would prove to be the most useful as people can go through past documents effortlessly to find the file or document that is needed. Libraries are known to use these archive shelving techniques.