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Our extensive library meant that we needed a completely new design layout for the storage solution.

The Brief:

At Motorsport Images, we have a large photographic archive comprising negatives, slides, prints and hard drives, some of which date back to 1895. We needed to move to a new premises, and this meant dismantling our current racking and transferring it to the new building. Our extensive library meant that we needed a completely new design layout for the storage solution. This was because the designated space intended for the archive was a different shape and size and the old system would not fit.

The Process:

Tom Hulks, Rackline’s Area Sales Manager, was very patient with us as the design for our new storage racking continued to evolve as time went on. He visited us on several occasions, each time creating a new design and costing it up. We were very impressed with Tom’s flexibility and that he was very easy to communicate with, despite our ever-changing needs.

Tom also needed to consider the lower ceilings in his design, and so created new end panels, allowing the solution to fit perfectly.

Before the archive could be fitted, it was essential for Rackline to lay specific flooring, in which the storage system could sit on. The installation of the racking was incredibly smooth. The team at Rackline disassembled our previous archive system and rebuilt it in the new facility to the new specification.

The Solution:

We’re all very pleased with the new archival storage system at Motorsport Images. The design is key to our day-to-day functionality and makes the best possible use of the space available. It provides easy access to our collection whilst adhering to current safety standards, thanks to the use of stoppers which lock in place. This ensures a safe and secure method of storing our photographs.

Would you recommend Rackline?

I would definitely recommend Rackline. I’ve been through a number of relocations with them over the last couple of decades and every time they’ve been brilliant to work with. Very professional and patient as our projects have developed, their products have always stood the test of time.