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Maximum utilisation of the available space is must for all commercial concerns that want to make maximum profits using minimum resources. In order to achieve this, proper storage systems must be used. Pallet racking systems are one storage solution that is greatly underestimated.

Pallet racking in warehouses
Adjustable pallet racking is extremely useful in warehouses providing self storage facilities. Since the size of the containers change with changing customers, fixed pallet racking can waste storage space. High density adjustable pallet racking on the other hand can easily accommodate the maximum number of self storage containers of varied sizes. When the usable space for storage is large, the warehouse is able to offer better benefits.

Pallet racking in cold storage containers
Cold storage containers are often racked poorly. Adjustable pallet racks allow for the storage of a larger number of goods, even if the storage space remains the same. Pallet racking also allows the stored goods to be kept in a well organised manner. Thus, when more goods are stored in a single cold storage container, the energy consumed will reduce and the number of cold storage containers required will also be less.

Pallet racking in transport containers

Vans and trucks that are used for transporting goods from one location to another must be well equipped with proper pallet racking. Pallet racking inside the transporting containers allows for transportation of more goods in a single trip.