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Warehouses and factories are places where pallet racks are commonly used for storage of goods and products. Readymade pallet racks are available very easily. Pallet racks have number of uprights and beams.  Traditional inter lake pallet racks are available in tear, drop and keystone styles.

Structural pallet racks are in big demand due to their versatility and convenience. You can also buy pre-configured pallet racks. These pre-configured pallet racks are available with or without wire decking. By having pallet racks that are pre-installed, you can save a lot of time and effort when handling goods.

A pallet loaded with goods can be stored on the pallet rack with the help of a forklift. Loading by hand is rarely possible.

Pallet racks are the internal part of the storage equipment.  There are various types of pallet racks available, some of them are mentioned below.

•    Pallet racks
•    Industrial pallet racks
•    Penco pallet racks
•    Heavy duty pallet racks

By having a pallet racking system for your warehouse or showroom, you can save a lot of your floor space. A pallet racking system allows you to store your goods in a systematic way by using the least amount of space. This is the reason why pallet racks are the most popular storage system in warehouses, retail stores and big showrooms all over the world.