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With demand for UK manufacturing on the rise, brands are looking to add the ‘made in the UK’ mark of quality to their products. Among many other benefits, not only does this add more value to their business but it also improves elements of the entire storage manufacturing process.  Rackline are a storage and racking supplier with over 40 years manufacturing experience.

Storage and racking supplier  - Steel Hole Punch


Direct communication  

Communication is paramount in every consumer situation. The strength of the relationship between you and your supplier boils down to how easy communication is. For this reason, meeting with them in person and having a face-to-face conversation is just one of the many benefits of working with a UK manufacturer.  

When searching for custom storage solutions, this not only allows you to negotiate on any designs with your supplier, but you can also show them your plans in person to give them more of an idea of what you’re looking for. They can also ask you any questions regarding your storage designs to ensure they produce the best result!  

Greater quality control  

As with all products manufactured in the UK, both the supplier and consumer have greater control over the quality of the result. For example, as the parts are produced in the UK, there are strict quality control measures that manufacturers must follow to ensure their products meet the approved industry standard.  

This process is much easier for UK-based suppliers as they will already be familiar with the approved industry standards.  

Fast order turnaround  

The main reason UK manufacturers can supply products faster is because the goods spend less time being shipped out to you. Since you can communicate better with suppliers, the research and development stage are also much more streamlined. For this reason, the wait between initially placing an order and product delivery is smaller.  

Lower delivery costs 

Along with fast order turnaround, greater quality control and more direct contact with your storage supplier, shorter transport routes mean lower delivery costs. In essence, this means that more of the money you spend is going towards manufacturing rather than delivery, which will improve the overall quality of your storage system.  

Working with leading storage and racking supplier Rackline, offers you high-quality made-to-measure storage systems tailored to individual requirements.

To arrange a space audit or for more information, contact us here or call 01782 700144 and speak with a member of our expert team.