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Places like music shops, movie libraries, media publishing houses etc. have a lot of media products like CDs, DVDs and VHS. These types of media are very delicate and have to be stored in a perfect storage system. There are media storage cabinets that can store CDs, DVDs in a hardwood structure with several shelves. Media storage cabinets can be made up of several different wood types, such as oak and ebony. The back of a media storage cabinet can be laminated.

Media storage cabinets usually have one permanent and several adjustable hardwood shelves. DVD wall cabinets provide adequate storage space for your DVDs and CDs. Shelf of media storage units is rock solid and steady. Media storage cabinets can display and organise a large number of CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes. Some media storage cabinets have racks that are specially made for movie libraries. Such type of media storage cabinets can easily store a huge media collection.

Single wide tower wall units come in two different capacity and sizes. These units are made up of laminated wood composites which are durable and very less expensive as compared to wood. Media storage cabinets have vinyl veneer surface. Media storage units should have a durable construction and economical design.

All the DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes are protected properly in media storage rack. There is no storage system better than media storage cabinets when it comes to store media. Finding the media files in a media storage cabinet is very easy as they are arranged systematically.