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There are three types of Pirouette cabinets available on the market:

1.    security pirouette
2.    pirouette motive and
3.    pirouette

Security pirouette storage systems have many fool-proof security features and come with a flush fitted in the rear panel. They also have a rigid steel case.

Pirouette-motive is a rotary storage system that is operated electronically and is made of high steel. Pirouette-motive is available from level four to eight and has a capacity from 6080mm to 12460mm. Pirouette-motive has an option of login at entry level by using different pins.

Pirouette rotary filling systems can turn up to 90 degree, so there is no need of moving it. Pirouettes are very efficient and reduce the retrieval time by up to 50 per cent. Pirouette rotary filling system offers features like fast retrieval and ease of access. They are mounted on the rotary base and are double sided.

Pirouettes are ideal for use in a commercial environment. Pirouette cabinets get assembled in less than an hour and you can remove them easily without any problems.