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Pirouette is more efficient than conventional filing cabinets. For example, 22 four – drawer cabinets hold 44m of filing in 12.4 sq.m. of floor space, whereas four 8 tier Pirouette storage units hold 48m of filing in less than 4 sq.m of floor space. Pirouette out performs conventional filing cabinets in both storage capacity and floor space saving in a ratio of 12:1.


Retrieval times are faster by up to 50% as it takes just two seconds to open a Pirouette storage cabinet. When closed Pirouettes provide an aesthetically pleasing frontage which compliments any working environment.

Opening a Pirouette reveals a remarkable amount of flexible storage space with very rapid access. The system can be supplied in a wide range of sizes, due to the unique design, extension bays can be added on either side of the initial bays.

Secure Pirouette
The Secure Pirouette has a large number of security features to prevent covert entry.

The rigid steel case has a flush fitted rear closure panel. A hinge guard provides a seal preventing covert access. A detachable hand operated lock latching plate has a security combination lock which can be set to personal use. If necessary Classification can be confirmed by the Government

Security Division
The Rackline Secure Pirouette has several levels of security rating depending on which internal fitting and locks are supplied.

SEAP Rating 2
Rackline’s second highest security rating which comes with internal shelving as well as the other security features mentioned above.

SEAP Rating 3
The higher full security rating which includes internal locking drawers and flipper door units as well as the security features mentioned above.

SEAP Rating 4
A SEAP 4 rated combination lock can be added to the Security Pirouette.

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