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With over thirty years of experience in providing shelving and storage solutions for businesses, the public sector and private clients, Rackline are well qualified to supply bespoke archiving shelving solutions and archive systems for a wide range of purposes.

From storing archives of paperwork for businesses in the commercial and office sector, archiving important documents and records for the education and healthcare sectors, to storing historical and artistic archives for museums and private collections, we offer a vast range of storage products to suit all requirements.

Mobile archive storage solutions

In many sectors, organisations are required to keep paper documents for a certain period of time by law. However, as physical documents can take up a considerable amount of room, finding a storage solution that makes the best use of space is essential. Mobile archive shelving units provide real space saving benefits.

Whilst a number of rows of static shelving require walkways to allow access to important documents or records should they be needed, this is not the case with a mobile storage system. Storage units are fitted to a guide track so that they can be moved along the floor to access a certain storage unit, so there is only ever the need for a single walkway. For record rooms with limited space, this is a huge advantage.

Multitrak archive storage

Mobile shelving also provides a highly effective archive storage solution for higher density objects, for example, museum exhibitions that are not currently on show. A multitrack high density mobile storage unit moves on multiple torque tubes and wheels to carry greater loads. Despite storing weights of as much as 15 tonnes, mobile archive storage units can be moved with ease, remaining properly aligned on the tracks.

Bespoke artwork and fragile document storage

In the museum and heritage sector, archive storage is about more than simply storing away items. Highly valuable and often fragile pieces such as artwork and historical documents must be stored in such a way that they make the most of available space, are easily accessible and of course, are protected.

Depending on the size and state of pieces of art or artefacts, Rackline can provide a number of different suitable archive storage solutions. For example:


At Rackline, we are committed to providing bespoke archive storage solutions for all products and sectors. To discuss your specific requirements, please call 01782 770 144 and we will be happy to devise the best suited storage or shelving solution for you.