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Our storage solutions are not just based around heping find the right way to store your items.  They are more than that.  Rackline storage is designed to empower your staff.  Consider your current office environment.  How is your storage furniture utilised on a daily basis? Do certain people need more access than others? Is it in the best location? Is it the most effective use of space?

If these questions have left you wondering then it is time you rethought the structure of your storage furniture.

If you want to empower your staff with the right storage solutions then the Powertrak is the ideal office storage.  This mobile shelving system is unique for many reasons. Here are just some of the great assets Powertrak has for your business:

The touch of a button

This mobile shelving unit will move in the direction your staff need at the mere touch of a button.  Within seconds they will be able to access the files and information that they need.

File coding

With the Powertrak system your staff can benefit from the latest technology.  File coding software means that self referencing can be implemented by the scanning of a file.  Scan a specific file and the mobile shelving system will open at the correct aisle.

Safety first

There is also the option to auto close the Powertrak if a fire alarm or security alarm is activated.  Helping to keep your files safe and locked away should the office need to be evacuated.

Perfect for the office environment, the Powertrak gives your staff ease and simplicity when it comes to paperwork.  Why not contact us today to see how the Powertrak can work for your office?