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•    Sanctuary Records Group PLC
This is one of the world’s largest developers of music intellectual property. They had over 150,000 tracks in their offices around the world which they wanted to transfer to a new office which was a bit short on space. Rackline provided a system whereby all their tracks were stored in that limited space. Rackline not only ensured that the material fitted in that limited space but they also ensured that the tracks were stored in such a manner that they couldn’t be damaged. A fire prevention system was also installed throughout the storage area. Such a huge task wouldn’t have been possible without the ingenuity of the designers.

•    Barclaycard
Barclaycards wanted to store over 4 million pre-processed credit cards. Rackline created a system comprising of just 70 bays which could easily hold those 4 million cards. Each had a load bearing capacity of up to 250 Kg. The experts made sure that the cards were stored safely in the given space.

•    Amersham Health
Amersham Health, a part of global giant GE Healthcare, needed to store materials at temperatures in the range of 5 degrees to -20 degrees. The trick was here to design the storage system in such a way that when one material needed to be retrieved, no other materials rack should be disturbed. Rackline engineers designed a system wherein each roll on cage could be moved to any other part of the storage area without any other cage being disturbed.