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Most people have certain books that they treasure and the value of some books increases over time. However, the limitation of space can sometimes cause us to dispose of old books and other reading materials.

We can still find old and important books in a library but often, these books get damaged due to faulty storage or shelving systems. This may have an effect on the value of the books.

Archive shelving:

Archive shelving is probably what you require to store rare books. Modern shelving systems have enabled the users to store an archive of reading books or materials.
Maxispan is one such shelving system which is designed to meet the needs of specific consumers. You can now store as many books as possible in your library thanks to Maxispan. Maxispan is designed in such a way that it can sustain the weight of heavy articles or objects. Thus, users can now store at least a weight of about 250 kilograms per shelf.

Maxispan helps us to avoid clutter:
Maxispan consists of partitions or beams which have been designed in order to enable users to store books or articles without causing a clutter. The various compartments thus help us to group similar books of a particular author in a single compartment or shelf.
The compartments are also designed using lateral dividers or mesh dividers which provide complete protection to the books.

Articles stored in the Maxispan can be easily accessed manually. Maxispan can also be used in commercial establishments like hospitals and grocery stores.