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Are you looking at increasing your storage capacity but also trying to reduce your storage footprint? Well look no further.

Monotrak is a unique mobile shelving system that operates on a single guide track which is fitted to your existing floor. The advantage of this system being surface mounted is that it causes little residual damage to the floor and can be easily resited, if required.

Due to the way the system spreads the load, Monotrak can operate on a raised access floor without the need for reinforcement. A slim carriage profile and outstanding design enables loads of up to 2,500kg and lengths of up to 5 metres which can be moved with ease.

Monotrak’s low profile design often allows an additional level of filing to be accommodated further increasing its capacity.

It is ideal for the office environment and any light archive areas and any of our shelving ranges can be used within the Monotrak system.

For more information regarding the above or if you would like to discuss any storage requirements in more detail, please email or contact our sales office on 01782 770144.