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Rackline’s Pirouette Rotary storage unit is a high density and fast retrieval filing system which is double sided and mounted on a heavy duty rotary base, with a 90 degree turn providing access to either shelf face without the operator moving from the spot.

The Pirouette is not only one of our customer’s favourite storage products but it also provides efficient storage, is cost effective and also looks good in the working environment.

The Pirouette can hold the equivalent of 5 four drawer filing cabinets in one unit and within a similar footprint of floor space.

The retrieval rates also increase when using the Pirouettes, it takes two seconds to open a unit and when the unit is left in the open position files are easily accessible.

Pirouettes are extremely flexible with a wide range of heights available, due to the unique design, extension bays can be added on either side of the initial bays. They can also be assembled in less than an hour and can be easily removed and re-positioned without disruption.

The Pirouette is also is available as a “Secure Pirouette” which has a number of security features to prevent covert entry. The rigid steel case has a flush fitted rear closure panel; a hinge guard provides a seal preventing covert access. A detachable hand operated lock latching plate has a security combination lock which can be set to personal use. If required, Clarification can be confirmed by the Government.

If you would a copy of the product or technical brochure or would like further information, please or call the sales office on 01782 770144.