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Your office should have a regular space for keeping files and documents so that they can be located easily. Files get misplaced after they are left in a place where they do not belong. You should therefore use filing cabinets to track your important files and documents. You can save time and money if you have a good filing system. There are two types of filing system that are commonly used in offices. They are:

Vertical filing storage systems are available with two to five drawers. You should use the one that best suits your needs. The legal sized files are stored facing the front of the drawers. The drawers are specifically designed for this purpose. If you want to save your floor space then you should use vertical filing storage system.

You can also choose to use a lateral filing cabinet. The files in lateral filing system are stored front to back or side to side. Lateral filing system as compared to vertical filing systems take less space and are much wider. The storage system of lateral filing cabinets has more flexibility as compared to vertical filing storage system.

You should always give attention to the quality of the file cabinet. A good file cabinet should open and close smoothly. The cabinet should be able to carry large weights. You can also get safety features with these cabinets like internal locking devices or counterweights. If you want to protect your storage items then you should buy the cabinet which is made of thick gauge steel.