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As the financial year end approaches, many public sector organisations will be rushing to spend the remainder of this year’s current budget before the start of the new fiscal year.  Whilst it may be tempting to spend money for the sake of it, because it cannot be carried over, it is worth remembering that public procurement needs to be based on ‘value for money’ and focused on goods or services that offer effectiveness and quality.

One way in which you can justify your year end spend is by having a space audit and investing in better storage systems for the year ahead.  Improving your storage to more modern, space-saving systems will not only make better use of your available space, but can also lead to greater productivity, an improved workflow and enhanced communication.

Whether you are in charge of procurement for a hospital, school or museum, we offer bespoke storage solutions that take into account the possibilities and challenges of your working environment.  Just a few examples of the public sector storage solutions we can provide include:


CCS Procurement Framework

We are also a supplier on the new Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework for High Density Steel Storage within the Furniture and Associated Services agreement, helping public sector organisations to achieve maximum commercial value when buying the storage solutions they require.  What this means for your organisation is that you can speed up and even reduce the costs of your procurement.  Please click here to find out more about Rackline and the CCS framework.

If you would like to arrange a space audit or find out more about the public sector storage systems we can provide, please call the Rackline team on 01782 770 144.