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Did you know that here at Rackline we hold a place on the Government Procurement Service? Formally known as the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) it is part of an executive agency of the Cabinet Office.

What exactly is it?

The role of the GPS is to maximise procurement efficiency and value for money within the public sector.  It also encourages reducing time spent on the procurement process as a whole.

How are Rackline involved?

We hold a place on the framework agreement for the supply, delivery and installation of high density steel storage.  This includes relevant inserts, pockets, wallets, labels and storage media.

Rackline storage is a preferred supplier which means that our products have been benchmarked against other companies to ensure:

This is great news for both Rackline and the Government as it means that the public sector companies can go right to the heart of the matter, without the usual tendering process and bartering for cost reduction.

Speaking out about Rackline’s place on the GPS is Managing Director of Rackline, Lindsey Khan.  She has said, ‘Rackline are delighted to have been awarded the framework agreement from the Government Procurement Service.  Our wide ranging portfolio from the traditional mobile and static storage systems, cabinets and rotary units to the innovative low level Filestation system mean that we have solutions suitable for all the storage demands of the public sector.

‘Our specialist support teams offer a full audit of the area, layout drawings and detailed proposal free of charge and without obligation.’

To find out more simply visit the Government Buying Solutions website.