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Since 2008, Rackline have been Government Procurement suppliers.  This is something that we will now be continuing until 2016.  As leading suppliers of high density mobile and static storage systems, we are able to offer a wide range of products to the public sector.

What is the GPS?

You may have heard this term in other areas of business.  Maybe you have heard of other suppliers who are part of the GPS? The GPS is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office.  The aim is to make savings for the UK public sector by using preferred suppliers.

It is a rigorous proceedure and involves a lot of paperwork.  As part of this, we have undergone testing to make sure that we meet with the standards set by the government.

We already had great confidence in our products before, but when the government choose your products as their preferred supplier, well, it has certainly given us a great boost!

Other partnerships

We have some truly great partnerships in place.  From the Thames Valley Police and Crown Prosecution Service, to the Environment Agency and Ofsted.  Providing a wide range of storage solutions is all part of our everyday job.

Product offering

When it comes to deciding on what is best for your office, business, school or even library, it is worth speaking to us directly.  We provide lockers and cabinets to fast access rotary storage systems and personal storage with deskside filing.  All of our storage solutions are designed around everyday use, how people access their work and documents, and how they blend and fit in with the space around.

Our new Government Procurement Service brochure is out this week. Check out our newsletter or for more information or simply contact us today.