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When it comes to understanding the music industry, the team at Rackline know what they like and what they don’t.  But beyond that we don’t know much more! What we do know a lot about is storage solutions.  Which is why Sanctuary Records Group PLC came to us.

No, not for our music knowledge, but for our expertise in helping to provide them with a storage system that was robust, versatile and could contain their entire collection.

Sanctuary Records have offices worldwide, including London, LA, New York and Houston.  With over 150,000 tracks in their collection from the likes of Morrissey, Kiss and The Strokes, they needed to relocate their entire catalogue.

We were required to consolidate the entire collection but maintain a minimal footprint.  With a collection of this size and of varying mediums such as video tapes, vinyl and even memorabilia, it was a bespoke storage system that was required.

A Krypton Fire Prevention system also needed to be incorporated.   This collection is priceless and some of the contents had never been heard or released to the public.

Storage solution

The storage solution was 150 bays of profile shelving with 108 of these mounted onto the Multitrak mobile bases.  The overall Rackline storage system took into account all three metres of height in the room. Overall this produced 1500 linear metres of storage space.

Mike Mastranglo is the Head of Archives and said, “We were extremely pleased with the Rackline system and service, the system allowed us to vastly increase the storage capacity whilst allowing for the airflow that is essential within this environment.  The service provided was of a high standard.”

So, if you want to find out how Rackline can help you with your storage issues, why not give us a call on 01782 777 666.