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After the successful start to our year we have been extremely pleased with how spring, we say spring in a loose term, has begun.  OK, so the weather has been truly shocking and for some reason the snow is still falling, but we have won another fantastic contract.

The new contract is with the University of East London.  The £100,000 contract will see us work on the new purpose-built library at the university which is located at its Stratford campus.

Having already worked on projects for a number of universities including; Aberdeen, Leeds, Glasgow and Reading, and we are extremely excited that the University of East London has picked us for the job.  Aidan Moss, our sales manager has said, “We are delighted to add the University of East London to our portfolio of clients.  We have worked with a number of high profile universities and it’s a credit to the quality of our products and services to be awarded this contract.

“We are installing specialised shelving units which feature integral lighting as well as perforated end panels with acoustic inserts to reduce sound levels.

“We pride ourselves on developing products that are both innovative and flexible to ensure we create the best storage solutions for our clients’ needs.”

And it is exactly that which sets us apart.  The fact that we understand our clients’ needs and work to create bespoke products that will fit in with those needs.  University libraries are all very different and cater for a wide range of students and teaching staff, which is why it is vital that we understand the criteria and adapt our products accordingly.

If you would like to find out about how we could help your university library simply contact us today.