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Rackline have recently provided storage solutions for the newly opened HM Prison Berwyn in Wrexham, North Wales. With a planned capacity of 2,100 once all three sections of the prison are opened, HM Prison Berwyn will become the joint largest prison in the UK – as a result, extensive storage facilities are required.

HM Prison Berwyn were looking for storage systems to maximise two particular areas of the prison where large quantities of records and property need to be stored. Although the allocated areas were large, given the volume of volume needed (more than 3 times the typical volume), high density systems were called for.

We were tasked with devising and supplying suitable storage systems to hold property boxes for 2,100 prisoners. To make the most of the space available, we decided that a mobile shelving system would provide the best solution to hold the personal belongings of all prisoners and keep them in order during their sentences.

We installed a mobile system, utilising Prospan shelving mounted onto Multitrak mobile bases with an infill floor. The bays were to be 1450mm wide in order to accommodate 2 property boxes in that width. This size allowed us to provide storage for 2,380 prisoner property boxes.

mobile shelving system

In addition to providing mobile shelving systems to house all property boxes, HM Prison Berwyn also required us to provide storage for 2,500 secure records and a further 2,500 none-secure records. We worked closely with our client to discuss the best methods for securing highly confidential prison records and decided that again a mobile storage system would provide the best use of space whilst keeping all records well-ordered and necessarily secure. We were able to achieve the required storage space in just 75% of the area allocated, allowing for 25% of the space for future expansion.

We used Profile shelving mounted onto Monotrak mobile bases. For the secure storage, the shelving systems feature a roller shutter door and locking system to ensure complete security whenever not in use.

Alun Johnson, Head of House commented, “The advantages of the Rackline storage system are that it maximises the storage potential of the area. Without this type of racking, we would not be able to store the volume of records or property boxes identified for this purpose.”

Monotrak shelving

Government approval

To provide suitable secure storage systems for HM Prison Berwyn, we were required to rise to the challenge and pass rigorous tests to prove that our products are fit for purpose, achieving government approval. We are proud to have risen to meet all challenges and to be an approved supplier and installer for prisons and other high security facilities.

Due to the high security nature of our work for HM Prison Berwyn, our team were required to go through an intensive series of checks before they could start work installing the new storage systems. As well as our team being subject to rigorous checks on entering the prison, all tools used for the installation were also thoroughly checked.

If you represent a government organisation and are in need of a government approved supplier and installer of high security, bespoke storage systems, call the Rackline team today by calling 01782 770 144.