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At Rackline we can offer more than just storage cupboards which vary in size – our clients can choose from mobile storage units, high density storage units which can move along a track or be compressed to allow greater access, electronic mobile shelves which feature timed access control and even low level mobile storage systems which are ideal for open plan offices.

Let’s take a closer look at each of our key products:

Mobile Surface Mounted Shelving System

Our Monotrak mobile shelving system is ideal for organisations which do not want the expense and downtime of having a storage system fitted which requires the existing flooring to be excavated in preparation for a track to be installed. Instead, the single guide track is fitted directly to the flooring, whether this be carpet, wooden blocks or PVC tiles. The advantage to this is that the system can be relocated at any time if required.


The manual system allows users to easily operate the turning system to gently wheel the individual units along so that the chosen shelf can be easily accessed. Commonly found in retail units where staff need to locate stock quickly and easily, and corporate organisations which have vast numbers of documents needing to be accessed by various members of staff, the mobile shelving system is a welcome asset to a large number of industries.

High Density Mobile Storage Units

For organisations which need to store large numbers of documents or books, a high density mobile storage unit offers the perfect solution. With shelves lining the unit from floor to ceiling inside the carriages which can be up to 12 metres in length, up to 15 tonnes of documents or equipment can be stored in each carriage.

Whilst holding such vast quantities of information within the mobile storage units, the carriages can still be moved easily using the multiple torque tubes and wheels system. Turning the handle allows the carriages to gently move along the track, and once in position, the wheels can be temporarily locked to prevent the user from becoming trapped if another colleague wishes to move a different carriage along. Our high density mobile storage units are often used in libraries where huge numbers of documents need to be available for users on a frequent basis.

Electronic Mobile Shelving System

Keeping with the theme of storing large amounts of items in a high density unit, the electronic mobile shelving system offers clients a number of extras. With timed access control, PIN access for authorised personnel, auto close during fire or security alarms to protect confidential information as well as integration with existing security systems, the Powertrak electronic mobile shelving units are ideal for organisations which store highly confidential documents.

Low Level Mobile Storage System

With many office spaces nowadays being designed as open plan to increase communication, office furniture has also to adapt to offer workers an effective yet practical storage solution. Low level mobile storage systems can do just this – with low level units allowing workers to still be visible to each other across the office floor, the units will not have a negative impact on the atmosphere of the workplace. In addition to this, our mobile storage units can also offer a 33% increase in filing space compared to a typical static office storage system, a huge bonus for offices which are often tight on space.

All of our mobile storage solutions are bespoke and can therefore be adapted to suit each of our individual clients, regardless of what industry their organisation is in. To make an appointment to see how we could create the ultimate storage plan for your business, telephone our team on 01782 770144.