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Shelving and filing is the best way to store all the documents and files in your company. Offices of companies find it difficult to store important files and documents that might come to use later on. And as these documents and files keep piling up, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to find place to store it.

Filing cabinets and its uses
There are racks and filing cabinets to ensure that no harm can befall these documents. There are fire proof and water proof filing cabinets to protect the contents within. These racks and shelves make it easier for people to go through and find a particular document that they are looking for. Some of these filing systems have also been incorporated with computer systems to reduce the time taken to search for a particular file or document. These shelves and filing cabinets contain important documents such as bills and contracts. They come to use in different circumstances such as law suits against the company or as a way to cross check payment and in matters concerned with accounting. There is a wide variety of shelving options that are open to you.

Types of racks and shelves
These types may be iron racks, shelving bench work, wall shelves, shelves-in, shelves drawers, wear proof racks, reinforced shelving, shelving systems, MC cell shelves, closed shelving or mesh shelves. There are also a lot of racks that can be used for domestic purposes such as, DVD shelves, stainless steel kitchen shelving, home shelves, racks and metal cabinets.