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There has never been a better time to review the storage systems and facilities you have in place.  24th April welcomes the start of National Stationery Week – a whole seven days dedicated to pens and paper and designed to encourage us to move away from digital gadgets to enjoy the simple pleasure of handwriting.

We all know that stationery takes many forms and every business will have its own requirements in terms of paper, envelopes, writing equipment, folders and filing.  Whatever the nature of your organisation, it is difficult to run an entirely paper-free office even in today’s digital environment, so your stationery needs to be stored somewhere.

And what if you are a school or educational organisation?  Stationery is right up there at the top of the list. Your workspaces will likely be designed around your storage needs because those textbooks and pencils have got to go somewhere.

Whatever your organisation, whilst you are busy ensuring that #writingmatters, we’re here to help you assess your storage requirements, review what you currently have in place and provide help and support to improve your working environment so you can make the most of your available space.

Here are just a few of our solutions for storing stationery:


Portable Tambour Cabinets – ideal for workplaces where you need more flexibility.  These cabinets move on a mobile base so you simply release the brake and tow it around to meet your needs.  Find out more here.

portable tambour cabinets


Tray Storage – ideal for storing small items such as pens and pencils in classrooms, laboratories and workshops.  We can manufacture for bespoke bay size dimensions and can accommodate any size of tray including large storage trays for museums.  Find out more here.

tray storage


Low Trak Storage System – designed to be situated in the centre of an office environment so that the contents can be easily accessible by all but without getting in the way or blocking the view, the LowTrak storage system features static units fronted by sliding units.  This storage system is ideal for storing stationery items or files.  Find out more here.

Lowtrak storage system


Side Opening Tambour Cabinet – our side opening storage cabinets are the perfect complement to most workplace interiors and offer versatility combined with a good amount of storage space.  A range of accessories include sortation trays and pull out drawers, enabling you to store a wide range of stationery items and with an integral locking system you can rest assured the office pen thief won’t get very far!

side opening tambour cabinet

For help with your stationery storage requirements please contact the Rackline team today on 01782 770 144.