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Individual Rolled Material Storage

  • Unique method of storing rolled materials.
  • Allows total flexibility.
  • Offers maximum storage capacity for varying lengths and diameters.
  • Each roll fitted with its own individual adjustable support bracket at each end.

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Deep Arm Rolled Material Storage

  • Designed to carry large rolled collections.Arms are designed to hold similar lengths.
  • Can store from 1 -10 rolls deep (depending on roll diameter).
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On-Shelf Cantilever Rolled Material Storage

  • A more conventional storage method for rolled materials.
  • Material rolls can be stacked in depth and height.
  • Shelf fitted with grill guards to prevent materials from falling off.

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Pull-Out Cradle Rolled Material Storage

  • A more precise method of storage for rolled materials.
  • Ideal for delicate and sensitive materials.
  • Rolled materials are suspended within the cradle by means of a return support bracket at each end of the cradle.

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Through-Shelf Rolled Material Storage

  • Ideal for rolled materials which are referenced from the end of the roll.
  • Can accommodate a variety of different lengths.
  • Rolls can be stored in a variety of different ways, including next to each other and in pigeon holes.

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