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Storage systems that are installed in every office must use minimum space and provide maximum storage. Rotary cabinets are great space savers as the capacity of storage provided by them is enormous. When compared to traditional drawers, rotary cabinets provide as much as 400% more space for storage. This makes them ideal for small sized offices.

Rotary cabinets are ideal for storing any kind of media or information. The shelving features of rotary cabinets are rather attractive and can rotate either 180 degrees or 360 degrees. Because of their clever design the time taken to retrieve the information is also reduced significantly.

The design of a rotary cabinet is space saving and it can be placed or positioned close to the wall. This saves plenty of floor space and makes the room look clutter free. Rotary cabinets are a type of storage system that can be easily expanded and relocated.
For security reasons rotary cabinets can also have doors with locking facilities. The storage of information like files, records and documents becomes quite simple and easy due to rotary cabinets.