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Rotary cabinets are perfect solutions for office space problems. These cabinets can be placed in any workplace and work efficiently for any type of media. Rotary cabinets help you to store 400% more information than any other fixed cabinets in the same space. The shelves within these cabinets rotate and you can reach up to all the files inside them.

The advantages of rotary cabinets

The cabinets are accessible from two sides and are operated with a simple push. There is a huge variety and you can select any one according to your requirements. These cabinets include reference shelves, pass through shelves and drawers. The cabinets are appropriate to store any files and documents.

A rotary cabinet looks neat and the doors can be locked; it helps you to protect the important things from any unauthorised access.

The accessories in rotary cabinets

The key lock option helps you to lock individual filing units. All the units inside the rotary cabinet can be keyed alike or separately. There is a security drawer in the cabinet which helps you to protect some important records. Pass through shelves make it convenient for you to store oversized printouts and files.

You can find all the files because the cabinets can rotate 360 degrees. The shelves in the cabinet are four sided and revolve. The cabinets are trendy and add elegance to the interior of any room.