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Rotary cabinets are efficient storage systems that can easily be accessed from either two sides or just one. The flexible feature of rotary cabinets allows them to make the most of any free space. They also effectively provide fast access to all storage items.

Rotary cabinets are two sided shelves that enable rotating function so that you can get hold of the other side without having to move yourself. This results in improved productivity and competence.

When it becomes difficult to get your hands on a unit, all you are required to do is rotate it. There is also a feature of personal security added to the cabinet or by locking them.

You can turn the rotary cabinets into alcoves. These can be used in the form of room dividers that can be put together or arranged into panel systems at any height. You can possibly attach them side by side too. Another decorative feature of rotary cabinets is that they are available in various colours that can be co-ordinated with the décor of your office.

The huge range of rotary cabinets comprises of shelves, a roll out reference shelf, a drawer of similar type and drawers too. The roll out furniture is typically used to hang folders.

These cabinets that enable easy filing and storing have a user friendly design that makes for an apt fit in any surrounding.