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Rotary cabinets are more flexible and efficient than lateral filing cabinets, as they occupy only one-fourth of the floor space whilst providing the same filing capacity. Rotary cabinets offer easy access to the entire filing system from both sides. The storage system consists of top tab filing, roll-out hanging files, roll-out reference shelves, roll-out media drawers and shelf filing.

What can rotary cabinets store?
Rotary cabinets are mostly used to store side-tab and top-tab documents, hanging folders of all designs, books, binders, microfiche, confidential documents, EDP printouts, microfilm, diskettes, and CD-ROMs, and there are many specifically designed racks and components in order to accommodate everything.

Further information about rotary cabinets
Rotary cabinets are usually placed next to open-office furniture or framed walls, in order to increase the capacity and access to stored information. These cabinets help to increase capacity up to 200%. Rotary cabinets allow you a full rotation but the rotation space must be designed into each floor plan.

The floor plan needs to be more creative when these high-capacity rotary cabinets are placed into built-in alcoves. These alcoves are generally made up of sturdy materials, so the exterior of these cabinets, as well as the inner shelves, are generally made from sturdy materials like steel.

The foot pedal rotates the files for effortless access, whilst also ensuring protection. Rotary cabinets also come in different colours such as black, violet, grey and white, so you can opt for the one that matches the décor of your office.