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If there is less space in your office then the rotary cabinet is the perfect solution. The rotary filing system will help you save a lot of money, space and time. It is double sided and it rotates. It saves your space and helps you to access both the front and the back side of the unit from one side.

The rotary units offer high capacity to store your important documents. It is the best solution for all your storage problems.

The benefits of using rotary cabinets:

• The important documents are easily accessible and it will help you complete your work efficiently.
• It helps you to maximise space.
• It adds beauty to the interiors of your office and you can choose any one from the wide range available.
• It protects all your files and the documents.
• It has higher capacity than vertical or lateral units.

The rotary cabinet spins smoothly and takes the minimum amount of floor space. You need to push it from the front side and it will spin, this way you can get access to the files kept on the other side. It has more capacity to store than the normal cabinets.

It is a modern way to store the files and the cabinets are portable. It is very easy to search files in the rotary cabinet because it rotates up to 360 degrees. It occupies 50% less space but provides more storage than any other cabinet.