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Offices, hospitals and other industrial sectors, deal in huge amounts of paper documents and files everyday. It is vital that all such sectors, stay on top of important records because any misplaced file or document could result in a drastic loss and problems for the owner and clients as well.

Since these places have a limited availability of space, a storage system that does not take up too much floor space yet can hold all types of documents in a systematic and organised manner is required. All such requirements and much more can easily be met, through the use of a rotary cabinet.

A rotary file cabinet looks like any other cabinet, but do not let the exteriors fool you. This multi-functional storage unit can hold more documents and files than a usual office cabinet. On the outside, a rotary cabinet is four sided, like any other cabinet but it is the inside that sets it apart. The interior is of a storage cabinet, which has shelves to store files canrevolve in either direction. Two sides allow for storage of files and the other two sides act as doors of the rotary cabinet.

Advantages of a rotary cabinet

• A rotary cabinet can store double the amount of files, as compared to a usual cabinet, while occupying the same amount of floor space.

• It reduces retrieval time and can be accessed from both sides simultaneously.

• Rotary cabinets are available in different sizes and can also be used to store computer accessories and folders.