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There are various types of cabinets available, one of the most effective among them being rotary file cabinets. But, what are rotary file cabinets? Rotary file cabinets are cabinets that have greater storage depth and can rotate easily from both sides.

Its great depth and mobile nature has many advantages like greater storage capacity, easy filing etc. Let us look at some more advantages of rotary file cabinets.

•    Greater storage
Since such systems have greater depth, they provide more storage space. Usually, one rotary cabinet provides as much storage space as 2 to 3 other cabinets.

•    Consume less space
Since rotary cabinets are vertical in nature, they provide more storage space and consume less physical space. The storage quotient of a rotary cabinet is high because it consumes less ground space.

•    Can store anything to suit your needs
A rotary cabinet, owing to its great depth can store any and every piece of stationery from end-tab files, hanging files, binders, CD ROMs to tapes.