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You will find rotary storage systems in most of offices today as they offer more space to store files than other standard filing units.

These filing cabinets are specialised office cabinets which have double sided rotating units. These units allow you to access two sides of the filing unit from one point. To rotate these filing units you need to use a lever or a foot pedal.

Applications of rotary filing cabinets

These cabinets are generally used in different places such as hospitals, offices, libraries, schools and also banks.

Banks generate a lot of paper files and also accounts every day, so storage of this information is a challenge. In such cases rotary filing cabinets play an important role as they offer lot of much needed space.

Some of the advantages of rotary filing cabinets

Rotary filing cabinets have the capability to store files and other media in only eight tier units. This means that they have more storage capacity than any other standard filing cabinets. There are different types of rotary filing cabinets which can help in storing various kinds of files and different types of media. Moreover, these cabinets also have locking systems that offer high levels of security.

Thus, rotary filing cabinets help you to access files easily and quickly. This means you can use that much needed extra space for other purposes.