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Rotary filing systems provide better access to files and documents in the office and create a more efficient working environment for employees.

Each tier of the rotary file cabinet system is independent and helps the employees to access files and records as quickly as possible. Most files are thicker at one edge due to materials like fasteners, staples and paper clips. All these reduce the storage capacity of the filing cabinet systems. However, rotary filing cabinets are designed in such a way that they compress the files in the inner circumference. This allows the thicker outer edge of the files to spread comfortably along the outer circumference.

A rotary file cabinet system uses very little space and provides easy access to the files and other office documents. Some rotary filing cabinets have standard tiers that are available in different size ranges and can be stacked high at different levels. Rotary file cabinets can be used for virtually any type of storage in the office. Rotary files are used widely in applications like

•    Medical
•    Legal
•    Purchasing
•    Customer service departments and
•    Microfilm storage

The best thing about rotary filing systems is that the files and other documents are at your fingertips. Rotary file cabinets offer an optional laminate top that provides a convenient surface for the filing system.