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Filestation is office furniture used to store all the files and important documents which are very important and you do not want to lose it.

There are many different features of Filestation:

Filestation gives 50% more filing space as compared to the usual four lateral filers for two desks.

It fixes straight away on any floor surface without the need for any infill floor; hence it avoids any chances of tripping which most other mobile systems fail to avoid.

The Filestation was created by consulting some of the finest furniture designers and architects in UK. The file station has been meticulously designed to be user friendly.

It is a unique combination of electronic and paper filing, specifically designed for the modern office. It also keeps the frequently used files in the vicinity of the user.

Filestation has the capability to reduce the retrieval time by up to 40% when compared to other file storing systems. This reduction in retrieval time can be a huge saving in large office environments.

Where space is expensive, it is important to maximise your space as much as you can and storage systems are an ideal way to do this.

With so many useful advantages, Filestation is great to have in your office. It provides you with numerous benefits which can improve your company’s performance by reducing the time in searching files and documents. This saved time can be used for other work, thus increasing productivity too.