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Many companies prefer mobile storage systems for their storage needs. Mobile storage systems have the latest easy glide technology. Mobile storage systems glide easily and provide trouble free, smooth performance for years by storing your goods and allowing easy access as and when needed. By using mobile storage systems, you can save up to 50% of the floor space as compared to other conventional static shelving systems. In places that are not properly organised, mobile storage system can increase the storage system by 100 %.

Mobile storage systems glide on the steel track and mobile base units. Mobile storage units have different shelving options that can be assembled as required. Whenever you have to access the appropriate rack, the aisle can be opened up by mechanically and electrically driven bases. There is only one aisle required to service a number of racks.

Mobile storage system are widely used in places like

•    Hospitals
•    Banking and financial institutions
•    Offices
•    Engineering
•    Pharmaceutical industry
•    Chemical shops and industry
•    Automobile industry
•    Warehouses

Mobile storage systems are a high density storage system. They save a lot of precious floor space. Accessing the items stored in a mobile storage system is very easy. Mobile storage systems are suitable for low height buildings that have a large inventory.